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Supernatural - Free Spirit

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Apr. 18th, 2008 | 06:49 pm
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music: Left Behind - Aqualung
posted by: nograviity in toigniteasoul

Title: Free Spirit
Fandom: Supernatural
Prompt: o88. Flying
Characters/Pairings: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, John Winchester
Genre: General
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 527
Summary: He should have seen it coming.
A/N: SPN/HDM AU, slightly spoilertastic for Pilot, nothing you don't learn in like the first 5 minutes though
Disclaimer: I do not own Supernaturals or any of their characters, nor do I own the concept of daemons.

Athenestia flies farther than should be comfortable for them, stretching higher and higher into the sky. It seems like she goes farther everyday, all the while Sam looking on longingly. Head craned to the sky instead of running a lap or packing the car as their father ordered. Needless to say this shouldn't be a shock for Dean.

"Anywhere is better than this fucking place!" Sam explodes angrily.

Somehow, despite all the signs, even though Dean knew this deep down, he still doesn't expect it. It's surreal and he feels completely disconnected. The cursing makes him flinch. Sammy never curses, 'Cursing is the most unintelligent form of expressing yourself' he would tease whenever Dean would curse. Sam on the other hand, was no stranger to enraged explicits. Athenestia's beak clacks angrily as Sam shoves all their father's hard earned research to the crummy motel carpet, a disarrayed pile that will take more precious time to organize.

He had gone too far and pushed the line, hit too many of their father's buttons, and the silent pause indicated that everyone knew it. John's face is red with rage as Sam cries out in pain. Neither has taken a single step towards the other, but Sam crouches, doubled over in pain. John's daemon has Sam's pinned underneath it's weight, crushing the smaller daemon. Athenestia squawks in pain alongside Sam under the wolf's weight and claws, who all but snarls.

"Dad! ...please! It hurts!" Sam whimpers, actually pleading with their father, sounding all but five years old. Sam doesn't plead, he yells, he demands, he complains, he bitches, he moans, but never plead. Dean feels his heart breaking and moves to intervene. Nella however steps back before Dean can do anything. Sam quickly scoops Athenestia into his arms, trying not to let the pain and betrayal show as he comforts his daemon.

"If you turn your back on this family, then you can't come crawling back. If you leave, you leave now, and you don't come back." John growls icily before grabbing his keys and storming out of the small motel room. Their father unable to watches as the youngest son leaves the family behind. The sound of a car's door slamming follows shortly, and both brothers listen silently as it tears out of the parking lot and out of earshot. Then, and only then, do tears fall from Sam's eyes.

"Sam-" Dean tries while Santia edges closer, ears pulled back, tail lowered. He is ignored though as the youngest Winchester quickly grabs his duffel without a word, hastily tossing items into it. He wasn't actually leaving, was he? "Sam!"

He pauses, long hair covering his eyes, heaving breaths from emotional exertion. "I have to do this." He looks up, torn expression on his face. "I'm sorry Dean."

"Sammy..." Dean watches helplessly as Sam quickly finished packing all his worldly possessions into the duffel and all but flees the motel. Bag in one hand, daemon on the other shoulder, Sam walks out on his small family and into the big wide world.

Dean collapses on the lumpy motel bed, shuddering breathlessly. Santia noses his hand helplessly. It's all too surreal, he can't handle it.

He should have seen it coming.

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